Friday, January 29, 2016

Chinatown Crawl UYE Ideas

This is the beginning of a new concept to event planning. I welcome your comments and suggestions to make this Chinatown Crawl UYE possible. Please post your reply here or on the Talk thread.

I have been the Baron of Chinatown on Yelp for over a year. I can't say I'm the expert with restaurants, but I could help you discover the best of Chinatown. Even if I don't know, I can try to find the answer for you.

Where's Chinatown? Most people refer to just the businesses on Bellaire Blvd, from Gessner to Beltway. But in reality, it covers one huge area being the most diverse Super-neighborhoods in Houston.
Yelp defined this Chinatown neighborhood

On the Chinatown Crawl UYE, I want to take you one strip mall at a time. You can experience different Chinese regional cuisine, popular dessert items and a show-n-tell of what you can find at a grocery store. The following is a list of existing strip malls:

  1. Welcome Center 惠康廣場 - 9180 Bellaire Blvd
  2. Diho Plaza 頂好廣場 - 9280 Bellaire Blvd
  3. Dynasty Plaza 王朝廣場 - 9600 Bellaire Blvd
  4. H-Mart Plaza - 9896 Bellaire Blvd
  5. Dun Huang Plaza 敦煌廣場 - 9889 Bellaire Blvd
  6. Viet Hoa Center 越華廣場 - 8300 W Sam Houston Pkwy

Locations and dates are based on participants’ voting. Grocery store is predetermined. It’s likely to be on Wednesday or Thursday nights. But I am flexible with weekend days. Each UYE takes up to 3 hours, with exception of Dun Huang Plaza. I may throw in a karaoke or foot massage session.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Weekly Yelp

I began to notice this magazine called The Weekly Yelp
It's pretty neat, I started to follow the topics published every Wednesday. 

It's very different from ROTD. There are 5 businesses featured each week. Only one review get picked from each business. I don't know how long this has been in existence. According to the Houston's Weekly, it started on November 4, 2015.

I find some reviewers are very talented but they aren't Elites. I hope they become Elites one day.

The Weekly Yelp is best viewed on computer.
I prefer reading The Weekly Yelp on a computer. I can't handle long review on narrow phone screen, even when my phone is bigger than before.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Where's my Badge

At the New Year’s Elite badge release, some Yelpers were excited with another year's elite status. But some left out wondering, "Where is mine?"

I'm guessing there is a formula to calculate how much you contribute to the Yelp community. By checking in and posting photos do not impact Yelp's business objective, reviews do. I printed out my friends list before and after the badge release, I concluded a reason why few of my Elite Yelper friends couldn't carry the status from last year.

They had something in common. I see everyone had a gap of review writing for more than 3 months during 2015. I can't say how long and how much they need in order to catch up. Let's prove me wrong. If you want to give this a try, start writing again - post at least one review a week. It may just do the trick. HQ gives Elite badge almost weekly.

Here are some examples - monthly review posts: Meriem B. from Houston, TX
This gap in reviews costed his continuing Elite status.
Alexander W from Katy, TX - see photo above. He had a gap between July and December. But after his vigorous activities, he's caught up. He received his Elite badge on 2/13/15 (date was approximation based on the first compliment he received.)

There is a misconception of automatic earning an Elite status by joining annual Yelp Challenge. The essence is the consistency. So, don't wait till the end of year to write reviews.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Last 90 Days Stats

Wait. What is this? Is it a math problem for me to solve? No way, who put this thing in the middle of my profile?
This is a new feature for app users only - Last 90 Days.
No worry. This is a new tool to show how your Yelp contribution being viewed. It's like a website counter for each element: reviews, photos and profile. So, I captured the images from iPhone and Android to share with you. It appears the website has same info. Woohoo!

I captured some Q&A from my Beta App Group:
  • It updates once a day.
  • Only shows other users' views, none from me.
  • Everyone can see it. Yes, everyone.
  • Here is how the number crunches: Someone looked at your profile multiple times within the 90 day period counts. But someone looked at your content repeatedly in a short time won't count.
HQ has a blog to share

So far, I only find one news helpful. I think we are going to hear more about it in the news.