Foodie Adventure PGH Edition 2023

Ever since my coworker Chang Shu from Northeast Division said she was interested to learn about how I host Chinatown Crawl events, I began to show her how I host these types of foodie events. But explaining in emails is very limited. I decided to do it in person. On October 29, 2023, I took a group of coworkers to a Foodie Adventure in Squirrel Hill Pittsburg Pennsylvania.  Finally meeting everyone in person as we planned virtual events during Covid Back in May, me and my foodie friend, Nahun booked our airfare to visit Pittsburgh. After chatting with Chang, I learned Squirrel Hill as the area of interest. I started to plot my plan on which restaurants to feature.  Few months later, I created a Google Map with restaurants that I thought might be a good fit for this progressive-dinner event. She started to share the event with her teammates and contacts. Meanwhile, I started to read the restaurants reviews on Yelp and get familiar with the area. For the ease of RSVP to the event, I cre

Dim Sum Menu at Arco Seafood Restaurant

Here is the Dim Sum Menu at Arco Seafood Restaurant.  Because images from Yelp and Google are very hard to read. I decided to make this information readable and searchable.  Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the restaurant nor commissioned by anyone to provide you with this information. It has been scanned and double checked to match to the original as mush as possible. Therefore, I am not responsible for misprint on the restaurant's omission. You can view this dim sum menu on Yelp. Dietary Preference Indicators: S = Seafood; Y = Soy; P = Pork; V = Vegetarian; D = Dairy Price of each item is indicated by sizes: S = $3.95; M = $4.95; L = $5.95; XL = $6.95; XXL = $7.95; 3XL = $9.95 Arco Dim Sum Menu - Steamed 蒸點 1 東海鮮蝦餃 Steamed Shrimp Dumplings S XL 2 瑤枉糯米雞 Lotus Leaf Sticky Rice w/Chicken   L 3 家鄉粿蒸粽 Bamboo Leaf Sticky Rice w/Pork P L