Saturday, September 24, 2016

Creative Anniversary Name

Last Saturday, I went to an event called "Red Carpet Meets Chocolate". My massage therapist Stan McDonald invited me to this celebration.

Umar emceed Red Carpet Meets Chocolate.

I didn't think much about the name until I saw the setup. It started with belly dancers by Sahara Dances and a fashion show provided by its next door neighbor Guyz 'N' Style and RF Lifestyles Boutique. As the models walked down the red carpet, they showcased some fabulous fashion. Some I've never seen on streets before.

The host is Beauty by Umar, a talented young hair design artist. He moved to this tiny strip mall a year ago with Stan's Hands Massage and Wellness. The celebration was to demonstrate these successful black American business owners to the small business community.

If I had hair, I'd come to get my hair done. Look at the beautiful style from Umar and his team on the website and on Yelp.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Chased by Google Maps

After I upgraded my Samsung Note 4 to Android version 6.0 - Marshmallow, I noticed significant change on Yelp app. Whenever I want to get direction on Yelp, the only choice is to get to Google Maps. It used to have more choices. (See the image on Send to car with Yelp from last year.)

Once I get there, Google Maps took the opportunity to capture my interest. The app kept hinting me to upload a photo or answer a few questions, because it knows I was there before. Eventually, it lured me to become a Local Guide.

It was nice to know half million views on 9 photos I posted years ago.
Just to be fair, I don't post same photo on Google Maps and Yelp. Since I don't know who is reading the reviews on Google Map, I don't share much details like on Yelp. I never find reviews are useful on Google Maps. Besides, it should stay as a map app.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Let's Catch some Poké

After weeks of searching and conversations, my passion for meeting Yelpers in SF Bay Area has diminished. I have reached out to CM in San Francisco, East Bay and South Bay. There isn't any UYE or OYE or YEE during my visit.

That's okay. I'll find another way to meet Yelpers - go virtual. Thanks for a fellow Yelper John D of San Jose. I followed his specialty in poke - Hawaiian fish salad. I had no idea the concept of "California-style poke bowl" is in. No wonder we don't have any in Houston, unless someone come up with the idea of "Texas poke bowl". Ah, I don't think so. We may get away with Texas BBQ. Not sure we can get fresh ahi tuna and salmon in sashimi quality in Houston.

My goal of one poke a day has met.
This "Let's Catch some Poké, man!" was a note-to-self event. I was not intended to invite anyone to join me like an UYE, but I wanted to be able to share locations on the fly. My goal was to have a daily dose of raw fish salad, just like my poke diet in Hawaii. After moved to the Mainlands, Hawaiian food has been an extreme scarce to me. I wanted to share my foodie experience with the younger generations in my family.

My original idea was to catch some Hawaiian entertainment and dinner at Hukilau in San Jose Japantown. But with some mishaps at the airports, I had to cancel. Based on a local boy JonJon D's recommendation, Thursday is best day. In fact, I'll go there for the entire weekend on my next trip. I've been wanting to go there for over 4 years.

Saturday night was on schedule. I met with my niece and nephew at Poki Run in Milpitas. I got interested from a review by a Yelper friend Evelynn C of Fremont.

Sunday's plan changed due to the operating hours at Aloha Fresh and my nieces' work schedule. I decided to check out Aloha Fresh myself at lunch and Go Fish Poke Bar at dinner. My original choice was Poke House #2 and I messaged Christina C. of San Francisco. She recommended Go Fish Poke Bar instead.

Since I completed my list of poke hunting early, I decided to add a couple more adventures to Berryessa area on Monday. Going to try Poke House and Sharetea. Mainly, I want to know when Poke House going to open its 2nd store (after reading John D's spectacular review).

Overall, this Bay Area trip has been fulfilled with helps from many Yelpers, virtually.

Note: I've shared hundreds of photos on social media during this trip. My biggest pet peeve is having to constantly charging my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It drained the battery every 2-3 hours.