Sunday, July 31, 2016

Best UYE in Houston

One day, I wanted to produce a photo collage from all Around the World UYE's. I came across this page - Best Unofficial Yelp Events in Houston.

Wow. I'm so honored. UYE: Asian Heritage Celebration @ Strings Noodle made on the list.

This is why we need to get in the culture of attending UYE's and writing reviews on the UYE biz pages. We promote each other's events when it comes to event planning. Another benefit is to use reviews as a feedback.

This is only seen on desktop version.
I believe reviews posed on UYE (unofficial Yelp event) or OYE (official Yelp event) are not eligible for ROTD (review of the day). So you can write anything to your desire, just don't be rude.

Jing 5 Translated

The story about Jing 5 is posted on a mural outside of restaurant. But it's all in Chinese. I've decided to translate the entire text for your convenience, instead include it in my review. It's better than sitting outside looking at the wall and use Google Translate app tor translate word by word.

You can find a mission statement posted on the interior of walls.

“Wang Songlin’s First Jingwu Duck Neck Store” was established in 1991. It was located at the corner of Jingwu Street in famous Hankou. The store operates under the philosophy of first in quality, first in sanitation and first in reputation. It obtained a chain-business model and built a unique food factory base and sales network. There are over 200 stores, Wang Songlin’s “Jingwu's First Store” was the first to participate in the 8th Annual China Food Fair in 2002. It became China Food Fair’s designated supplier.

“Jingwu First Store” received a registered trademark in 2003. It was awarded for Food Quality Assurance in 2002... plus various awards in China.

Jingwu Ducks offer a series of food in different varieties of duck neck, duck wings, duck feet, duck gizzard, duck head, duck tongue and chicken feet, etc. From wholesales to retail sales and then boxed with gift wrap, the products were enjoyed everywhere in China. The flavor has five numbness, spicy, fragrant, crisp and fresh tastes. When you eat it, you will have a long lasting memory of the unique tastes. It’s been favored by any parts of society.

Wang Songlin, the founder of Jingwu Duck Neck, has a title of expert research in food processing with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Starting 1991, he went to Shennongjia, Sichuan, Yunnan and other cities to study the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. After 10 years of painstaking research and experimentation, Wang Songlin defined his Jingwu duck neck to have today’s unique flavor. He has maintained as a leader in the same industry.

Part of the text is also appeared on Baidu Business Listing for 王松林精武鸭脖食品有限公司.

Monday, July 18, 2016

World Traveler UYE

I would love to nominate Belly G as Yelper of the Year in Houston, if there is a place for it.
We've been to Indonesia, Peru, Bosnia, Poland, Ethiopia & Belgium.

This brilliant man with plenty of ideas started the World Travel UYE since January 2016. Every month, the world travelers went from one country to another trying different cuisines without leaving Houston.

Check out the chart below for the places we've been to so far.

Event Page

Stay tuned with the next destination at - UYE series - Around the world in Houston Talk thread. You can subscribe this thread by saying something. It will stay on "My Conversations" on computer or "My Talk" on the app.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

PokéStop on Yelp app

Really? I want some Poké. The raw fish kine from Hawai'i, right?

Please tell me this is real.
After I checked in at Church's Chicken, I saw this question on local knowledge. I busted out laughing. Few days ago, I clicked on a Google Map link just out of my curiosity on this Pokémon Talk thread. Look, my map is filled with weird stuff every time I search on Google.
This is absurd. 
Give me a moment. I don't know what to say. I need to regain my composure first.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Cross+Cities UYE Ideas

It's been in my wildest dream to host a Cross+Cities UYE with a road trip. I always want to try something exotic, exciting and unique to link Yelpers across the Lone Star state.

From Houston to San Antonio takes about 3 hours.

After reading a blog Seattle & Portland Yelpers Swap Cities Road Trip, I posted my idea on a Talk thread. I found Phillip B of Austin hosted a BBQ Crawl UYE in Lockhart on July 26, 2014. Yelpers from Houston, San Antonio and Austin (maybe Dallas) met at the center of these major cities. That was an epic. (Reviews)

I am not able to pull something like his scale without Yelpers from other cities. In November 2015, I hosted a Cross+Cities UYE - Austin Edition. Since I didn't have many Yelper friends in Austin, we had a small party. (Reviews)

After my recent trip to San Antonio, I saw the city's beauty and tourism opportunity. I want to revisit the idea. I am hoping the Yelpers in San Antonio could help me put together a real Cross+Cities UYE. Here is the preliminary thought.

Visiting Party - Houston
Hosting Party - San Antonio

  1. Organize a group of Yelpers from Houston going to San Antonio by cars or MegaBus (as Cherry A suggested) and arriving near downtown or MegaBus station.
  2. Yelpers in San Antonio prepare 1 or 2 UYE's with bar crawl or walking tour of downtown.
  3. At the end of night, people can stay or go back to Houston on MegaBus.
Target dates are early 2017. Preferably tie with a special event in Hosting Party's city and not long weekend (to avoid travel congestion).

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Polynesian Venue in Seabrook

Hana Hou! Can you imagine a spectacular Polynesian dance performance with a luau dinner without leaving Houston?
Perfect facility for a Polynesian Venue

That's my way to show my appreciation by attending a well-coordinated event at Seabrook Community House last night. Happy Hula Polynesian Dance Group of Provo Utah took the stage. The delicious luau-style lunch plates were prepared by their connections locally.

The room was packed with a hungry crowd. We were hungry for an island-style entertainment. It started with dinner and live music. Sorry, I arrived late. I didn't catch the gentlemen's names. Then, the show started promptly at 7:30. My favorite part of the evening was the fire dance. Everyone concentrated on the twirling fire while the room was peach black. This was my first time seeing it live.

I first noticed this event posted on Aloha TexFest Houston on Facebook in mid-May. I was thrilled by the idea. So, I posted it on Yelp Events page to get more exposures. That's one way to show my friends about the island culture and hospitality.

This crowd pleasing show rocked the house. Thanks to Noa Wetzel, who emceed and introduced each performance and the origins: Tongan, Tahitian, Samoan, Fijian, Hawaiian and etc. I followed her posts on Facebook. So, I learned more about what to expect.

Lucky us, we use social media to know one another. I attended Aloha TexFest at Clear Lake Park last year. That's where I met Sina. We talked after the show. It was nice to know Noa is her close relative. I would love to see more events like this in coming years.

Here are some photos and videos posted on social media: Facebook Photos; Instagram; YouTube.