Monday, August 24, 2015

Yelp Profile Redesign

Why does my profile on Google Chrome look different started last weekend? Oh, wait. Every profile looked the same as mine, including non-elites. It was just awkward to see elements in different places. I got so used to using the app. It took me awhile to get used to the new iPhone version 10.

So, I posted a thread on Yelp Talk: Yelp Profile Redesign. So far, there isn't a single person has the same view as me. I thought it may disappear after a reboot my Windows 7 laptop. But I still see it.

There was no change on Internet Explore. Am I on a beta testing that I'm not aware of? I didn't see any mention of this on Yelp Engineering Blog, Yelp Official Blog, and Developer Blog. Mmm...

Google Chrome 44 - profile image slideshow like on an app

Internet Explore 11

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Time for Taiwan UYE

My recent Time for Taiwan UYE was filled with lots of fun, energy and conversations. I love it. That's how an UYE should be.

This UYE was created with helps from many Yelpers. The UYE idea came from Jamie A. as I posted an event on 2015 Time For Taiwan-Restaurant Month in Houston (I also posted one in Dallas). Then, I solicited on the Talk thread. Chris C recommended Cafe 101 because alcohol beverages are available.

I was a little discouraged to proceed after many obstacles: can't modify the time, low RSVP turnout and scorching Houston's 101°F+ heat. But I was craving for some Taiwanese food. It actually went very well.
Que N & Sarah Y; Lou & Depp; Sarah Y & Matt S

I have so many ties with Taiwan.

  • Yelp added Taiwan as 5th market in Asia this April. I made contact with CM Roxanne L.
  • I have plans to visit my birthplace in October 2016.
  • My recent review on the 2nd Annual Taiwan Yes Taiwan Way Festival.
  • I saw an ad on local newspaper about this interesting event across the country - "Time for Taiwan Restaurant Month". I contacted the organizer and found some interesting facts and decided to post them on Yelp events page. There were 128 Yelpers in Dallas and 148 Yelpers in Houston that were interested. I'm sure if they do this again next year, I could help them to drum up more support.
  • Just by asking around, there are few people interested to have an UYE.

This is how I started the Time for Taiwan UYE.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Find My Waze

I downloaded Waze app as recommended by many people. I liked it on the first day. But I gradually hated it. I will only use it when I have to.

You can post a warning, check in, get gas info, be warned, and etc.
One day I was driving on Beltway. There was a car won't leave me alone. He drove on the right at the same speed as I was. Then, I looked at my Waze app. Ooooh. That's another Wazer stalking me. I quickly turned it off and sped away.
Adding a biz page takes forever. The app won't let me save photo I took locally.
There are very few local biz on Waze. They depended on Wazers to help them add biz. This is worse then Foursquare. I tried to add biz like I do with Yelp. But it's very time consuming. There is no computer version. When I made a suggestion for biz update, it says "300 feet is good enough" or "it's probably your app."
My biggest complaint is the distractions - ads and too many icons.
Whenever there is something happening, like traffic problem, I see the screen filled up with icon crowds. This is more distracting than the traffic jam itself. Okay, it may be my app or GPS not working. It can't detect if I was on the feeder road or freeway. On top of that, I go slammed with an ad that covered most of screen.

Don't think about reading this review on the app page on Google Play Store. I can't rate it based on 1-5 rating scale. It's either, I like it or I hate it. But right now, it's "no comments."