Monday, July 31, 2017

Tainan Bistro Menu Translated

Tainan Bistro serves lots of delicious Taiwanese food. Unless you read Chinese, you can't understand what's on the menu hanging on the wall.

So, let me break it down for you. There are 5 panels:

  1. Side Dishes (check the cooler for availability)
  2. Noodles
  3. Dumplings Pot Stickers
  4. Rice Dishes
  5. Beverage & New Items
Noodles (2nd Panel)
Noodles Panel
牛肉麵 $6.95 - Beef Soup Noodles
牛肉蓋澆陽春麵 $6.95 - Beef Topped Noodles
榨菜肉絲湯麵 $6.00 - Preserved mustard with pork strips soup noodles
雪菜肉絲湯麵 $6.00 - Preserved vegetable with pork strips soup noodles
番茄雞蛋麵 $6.00 - Tomato scramble eggs over noodles
鮮蝦小餛飩麵 $6.75 - Shrimp won ton soup noodles
豬排麵 $6.95 - Pork chop soup noodles
雞排麵 $6.95 - Chicken Steak soup noodles
魚排麵 $7.75 - Fish Steak soup noodles
切仔麵/米粉 $5.50 - Minced Pork Plain Noodles/Rice Noodles
凉麵 $5.25 - Cold Noodles (dry)
全家福 - Family Portrait - Fish, pork
砂鍋牛肉粉絲湯 - Clay pot beef strips rice noodle soup
蝦炒麵 $6.75 - Shrimp Chow Mein
雞炒麵 $6.50 - Chicken Chow Mein
鮮蝦炒麵 $6.75 - Prawn Chow Mein
麻醬麵 $5.25 - Sesame Paste Dry Noodles V
炸醬麵 $5.95 - Bean Paste with minced pork Dry Noodles P
素炒麵 $5.75 - Vegetarian Chow Mein
擔擔面 $5.25 - Spicy oil minced pork noodles
台式炒米粉 $6.50 - Taiwanese style dry rice noodles
滷豬腳拌麵 $6.95 - Spiced pig feet dry noodles

Rice Dishes (4th Panel)

Rice Dishes:
酥炸雞排飯 - $6.95 - Fried chicken steak over rice
炸排骨飯 - $6.95 - Fried Pork Chop over rice
酥炸魚排飯 - $7.75 - Fried fish steak over rice
雞炒飯 $6.00 - Chicken fried rice
鮮蝦炒飯 $6.50 - Prawn fried rice
綜合雞蝦炒飯 $6.50 - Chicken & Shrimp fried rice
綜合素炒飯 $6.00 - Vegetarian fried rice
滷豬腳飯 $6.95 - Spiced pig feet over rice
梅干扣肉飯 $6.95 - Prune pork stew over rice
紅燒牛肉燴飯 $7.95 - Braised beef over rice

Dumpling (3rd Panel)
Dumplings & Pot Stickers:
韭菜豬肉水餃 (15) $6.50 - Chives Pork Dumplings
白菜豬肉水餃 (15) $6.50 - Napa Cabbage Pork Dumplings
三鮮水餃 (15) $7.00 - Three Seafood dumplings
牛肉水餃 (15) $7.00 - Beef dumplings
煎素餃子 (10) $6.50 - Fried vegetarian dumplings
上海菜肉餛飩 (10) $6.50 - Shanghai style pork wonton
牛肉湯餃 (12) $6.75 - Beef soup dumplings
白菜鍋貼 (10) $6.00 - Napa Cabbage Pot Stickers P
三鮮鍋貼 (10) $6.50 - Three Seafood Pot Stickers
牛肉鍋貼 (10) $6.50 - Beef Pot Stickers
鮮蝦鍋貼 (10) $7.00 - Shrimp Pot Stickers
韭菜鍋貼 (10) $6.00 - Chives Pot Stickers
蘿蔔絲煎餃 (1) $1.30 - Shredded Daikon Pot Sticker

Beverage (5th panel)

汽水 $1.00 - Soft Drink
冰糖银耳 $3.00 - Rock Sugar White Fungus Drink
綠豆冰糖银耳 $3.00 - Rock Sugar White Fungus with Mung Beans Drink
酸梅湯 $3.00 - Sour Plum Drink

New Items (5th panel)
New Items:
肉焿 $5.75 - Pork Meatball Soup
肉焿米粉/ 麵 $5.75 - Pork Meatball Soup with Rice Noodles or Noodles
雞捲 (2) $7.00 - Tofu wrapped chicken roll F
味佳香熏魚 (Half or Whole)  $11.00 / $21.00 - House Special Smoked Fish
燙青菜 $5.95 - Hot Vegetables
海鮮什锦系列 $7.95 - Seafood Combo Series:
- 米粉 Rice Noodles
- 麵 Noodles
- 年糕 Rice Cake
- 泡飯 Soaked Rice
雞肉絲飯 $5.50 - Shredded Chicken over Rice
鹽水鴨肉飯 $7.50 - Salty Duck over Rice

Please come to my Time for Taiwan #ChinatownCrawl UYE on Sunday, August 13, 2017. 

I don't work for this restaurant. These are my best knowledge of Taiwanese food. Anything pre-made are not likely to be altered, such as dumplings. It's possible to ask for certain ingredients to be or not to be in your order.

Small red alphabet indicates other ingredient might be allergic. Pork, Fish

Monday, July 10, 2017

UYE, Meetup or just Event

For those of you familiar with my #ChinatownCrawl UYE (Unofficial Yelp Event), there is a scenery change. You won't see my UYE on Yelp Event page at the beginning of my announcement. In a perfect world, my Yelper friends receive notification on the app when I create an event and interested in an event. But lately, I don't see any response after the UYE page sitting there for 2 weeks. I guess there are too many notifications on their app.

You may not know this. It's very time consuming to use Yelp Event page to invite my Yelper Friends. On average, it takes about 2 to 3 hours to "share" my event to everyone lives in Houston from Event page. This share actually sends an email to their personal email address. But some people are invisible most of time or they don't check emails as often or get notified with incoming emails. Then, I have to use another method to get their attention - private message, compliments or check-in message. Other than that, they are just not reachable.

When the event gets closer, I begin my response struggle all over again... private messages, compliments or check-in messages. Besides no shows, there are those uninvited guests of no response and suddenly showed up. All these challenges are event organizers' nightmare.

So, here is my solution. My Yelper friends are the last to hear about my Chinatown Crawl event. I've decided to delay posting until my other events pages have reached a desired attendance counts. Here is my order: Facebook, Google and Yelp.

You don't have to be my Facebook friend to be the first to know. Follow my non-personal page MiniSites by PortAloha to get notified.

Then, I post it on Google+ Communities page Chinatown Crawl Houston. Because some people don't have Facebook or Yelp, they should at least have Google. You don't have to follow me and be in my circle, just follow my page.

If you are a Local Guide, I stopped posting meetup events on The site is more difficult to use than Yelp. Here is my blog about my dislikes.

I will post suggested images, but not event URL. Instagram is used for post event sharing only.

While there are still too early to post my next Chinatown Crawl Meetup on Yelp, you can find it on Google Events and Facebook.

Note: There are a few event VIP. I message them privately from the start.