Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sheep Scorpion Hotpot

This is for my guests at Hotpot Year of the Rooster UYE @ 75 Yummy Kitchen

Today’s menu is based on a popular hotpot style in Beijing with Sichuan spices. It’s only available at 75 Yummy Kitchen. In Chinese 羊蝎子火锅 literally means “Sheep Scorpion Hotpot”. No worry, there's no scorpion in our food. But the shape of goat spine resembles scorpion. 

Sheep Scorpion hotpot menu at 75 Yummy Kitchen
The chef at 75 Yummy Kitchen prepares the goat meat by the pound and cook up the soup with Sichuan spices. Our guests can indulge in a hot pot with the following ingredients:
  • Fresh vegetables like: Napa cabbage, lettuce, shredded potatoes, chrysanthemum 茼蒿, cilantro, dried tofu skin, enokitake mushroom, youzai 油菜, black fungus 黑木耳, button mushroom, sweet potato slices, lotus root, konjac 魔芋, taro, lunch meat, kelp, tofu cubes, daikon,  
  • We can order additional meats: duck's gizzard, intestine, shrimp, sheep, beef, fish ball, shrimp ball, pork blood pudding 猪血, fish fillet, beef tripe, crisp meat 酥肉, and crab sticks, 
  • Besides served with rice, we can also order side starches: bean vermicelli, wide vermicelli, or we can watch them pull noodles at the table.
Please bring cash because we are going to split the bill equally. 
Most importantly, tell me about your food allergies. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

BOTM Anniversary

Mike M has been hosting BOTM “Burger of the Month” UYE since last February. This was from a Talk thread when Rachel B returned from her ACRONYM meeting in 2015.  After a long gap in Houston, BOTM was born. First few months, they were hosted by Rachel B. Then, Belly G, Jamie A finally, Mike M.
This mock up t-shirt was an idea to generate interest. 

Here is a quick overview of his 12 successful BOTM's. The attendance has increased month after month. It has became a popular and well-known event in Houston.

UYE Page in…
Event Page

Way to go, Mike!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Missed You on Yelp

After the Yelp page's redesign, all the notifications like compliments, friend requests and messages are not easily visible.
Desktop version went through a major redesign. 
So sorry. I missed you.

It used to be on the home page. It's moved to upper right side of screen - hard to see. When I clicked on "About me", the notification indicator disappears. Please message me if I didn't respond to you.