Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Yelp Cash Back

I was adding a biz to earn airline miles on my bookmark and found an eye-catching ad on the side. Find more stories of #YelpCashBack on Twitter.
Can search #YelpCashBack on iPhone

Wow. Yelp Cash Back for real? According to Yelp Blog "Earn Rewards and Save at Local Businesses With Yelp Cash Back", "you can earn money for frequenting the spots you love" and earn up to 10% back.
Within minutes, Yelp texted me 7% back.

Sign up is very easy. You need a credit card. And, you can link multiple credit cards. The service is provided by Empyr. The reward program works like earning airline miles. The system recognizes your credit card purchase. Whenever I eat at JB Asian Cafe, I receive a message to tell me how much I earned.

While Yelp app has not developed a search function for "Cash Back", I saved some links for you and me to use while on the go:
Or, you can create your own search. Just change the city name and state abbreviation in this URL.https://www.yelp.com/search?attrs=OffersRewards&find_loc=Austin%2C+TX. Then, place it in your phone browser.
#YelpCashBack List moves with you on Android

I tried to share my discovery on Yelp Android Beta Testers Group on Google+ and in a Yelp Houston Talk thread. But the Talk thread is becoming a garbage dump.
Can't Search #YelpCashBack on Android

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Take a Yelfie

How cool is that? Take a Yelfie to proof you were there. Read this blog on Yelp.

Well, it's kind of annoying at first. But, okay. I admit. It's fun once I get used to it.

Taking this Yelfie bumped my data usage.

I noticed this on a recent Android release 9.0.1 in December. But someone in Canada received this feature in November. Huh.

Nu Ice has free WiFi.
Don't expect my Yelfie at all check-ins. The only time I can share Yelfie is when I find free WiFi to use. Sorry.

Monday, December 5, 2016

#ChinatownCrawl at 75 Yummy Kitchen

Yummy Kitchen 柒伍龙虾 as known as 75 Yummy Kitchen is our featured restaurant of #ChinatownCrawl UYE on Friday, December 9, 2016. The following is the menu items we selected to fit the #NightMarket style street vendor dishes.
Red doodles are the selected menu items.

I first discovered Yummy Kitchen was when it changed ownership. That was when I met Sherry, the owner. I told her about Yelp. And, I quickly wrote a review and posted photos on Instagram. Initially, they only serve Malatang, all-you-can-eat buffet and crawfish in 4 different flavors. Then, she found a different way to attract customers. She hired two reputable chefs "flown" in from Sichuan in June. She invited me to try the new menu but I was travelling.

I met her last Friday to discuss my idea of night market 夜市 food crawl. I want my guests to try their trademark item Sichuan Grilled Fish 四川烤鱼 with Spicy Garlic Sauce as a centerpiece. She said they use striped bass 鱸魚, not tilapia because they want the intense flavor to be able to soak into the flesh and a better texture to sustain in the sauce. The fish is first grilled and transferred on to the tabletop pan while cooking in the sauce.

Second trademark dish is Malatang 麻辣烫 - personal sized hot pot with intense mala 麻辣 flavors. Ma means numb. La means spicy. The mala flavor consisted of herbs and spices for medicinal values. It removes humidity from your body and help digestion system. To eat Malatang, you pick your choices of vegetables from the buffet line and hand it to the kitchen. They will cook it for you with a skewer of shrimps on top.

I also want a dish that everyone is familiar with. I picked Kung Pao Chicken 宫保鸡丁. She reminded me it contains peanuts. I had to make sure I put this allergen information on the event page.

We are sampling these tapas from the menu under Local Snacks 小吃 and other pages:
B9 - Red Oil Dumpling 紅油水餃 Dumpling (or wonton) in spicy oil *
D15 - Couple's Lung Slices 夫妻肺片 Fuqifeipian (Sliced Beef and Ox Tongue in Chili Sauce) *
B2 - Dan Dan Noodle 四川担担面 (ground pork and preserved vegetables over noodles) *
B4 - Heart Breaking Cold Noodle 伤心凉粉 (mung bean jelly with spicy sauce) *
C1 - Kung Pao Chicken 宫保鸡丁(cubed chicken with vegetables and peanuts) *
C2 - Spicy wok fried chicken with chili 重庆辣子鸡 (chicken with Sichuan pepper) *
GF1 - Mala Grilled Fish 麻辣烤鱼 (grilled bass simmered in spicy sauce) *
HS6 - Malatang 麻辣烫 (personalized hotpot with Sichuan spicy broth) *
B8 - Original Wonton 原汤抄手 (Wontons in pork broth)
D17 - Golden Needle Thousand Leaf 金针百页(needle mushroom with beef tripe)
B3 - Iced Mung Bean Jelly 冰粉 (sweet drink to cool the heat)

* indicate spicy dishes

It depends on how many guests attending. We will adjust the dishes. Currently, I have reserved a round table to fit 12 people and a smaller table for overflow. I will communicate this to the restaurant on Thursday.

I asked where did the name 75 柒伍 come from. She said she worked at a restaurant called 柒伍龙虾 in Shenyang City 沈阳 (about 400 miles northeast of Beijing).

Sherry said they are opening a 2nd restaurant at 8880 Bellaire next to Fiesta Mart. It's called 75 BBQ Hot Pot Buffet. I asked about if this Yummy Kitchen location going to change to correct English name, she said she will consider it. This is why there are so many website issues on Google and Yelp.

Chinatown Crawl is going to be a hit with a mixture of cultures teaching, food tasting, friendship building and enhance commerce in the Chinatown community. I would like to reach out to the business community for support. Over a dozen of guests enjoyed the evening to experience shopping, dining and having dessert in one night during Asian Heritage Month in May and Time for Taiwan in August. For complete detail, please follow my page.


To broaden the reach, I invited the guests to post photos with hashtag #ChinatownCrawl.

Reference World Journal on Dumpling Crawl “華埠饕客節”

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Festivus in Your Office

Do you have people in your office doesn't celebrate holiday the way you do? How about celebrate Festivus this year? It's not just from TV Sitcom Seinfeld, it's real life to celebrate in style.
Not the same when you experience a Festivus.
  • Festivus Feast: Have your feast could be a potluck to feature spaghetti, meat loaf with red sauce, salad, fried chicken and stuff you want to be festive. 
  • Airing of Appreciation: Instead of Airing of Grievances on the show, you want to write "thank you" note cards about your coworkers and post them at a central location.
  • Festivus Tree: Instead of Festivus Pole on the show, decorate a tree of any kind. To me, it's very unsightly. Make sure the decorations do not contain Santa Claus and any greeting words with religious tone.
  • Festivus Greetings: Instead of Feats of Strength on the show, share your Festivus by sending cards without religious greetings to bosses, bosses' boss and suppliers. Simply "Happy Holidays" would do fine.
Don't forget to take photos and share with your friends.