Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Baron of Chinatown

As much as I love Yelping with my app, I have to slow down on checking in everywhere. Because check-in slows me down with my daily routine.

First, I have to take time to pull out my phone.
Second, the moment I turn it on, it started to use cell phone data.
Third, I don't mind using phone data much but some apps start to synchronize to their servers (such as Google Maps app), which slowing me down.
Moreover, I'd rather spend time enjoying life than getting distracted with the apps. I can live without technology when I really don't have the time.
This was captured a year ago. 

As you may have seen I claimed so many baronies before. At one time, I had 8. Now, I only want to focus on Baron of Chinatown. It's the neighborhood I know best and the area I explore often on my days off. I want to be the go-to person or the Local Guide in Chinatown. If Yelp offered an ambassador position in Houston, I would apply.

Starting 2017, I have a few projects lined up to help promote Chinatown and the businesses in Chinatown through various networks. I will continue my quarterly #ChinatownCrawl UYE. For a complete detail, go to

Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Google Map Profile

One of these days, you will see my name attached to a business review or photo on Google Maps. Yes. I'm actively adding reviews, photos and answers to help growing of the community around me.

My profile name is Luis M Chen, not Luis Chen.
I was adding photos to Six Ping Bakery and I found a tocayo on other photos. Ain't  it confusing? I just want to make a distinction between another Luis Chen and me. So, I changed my profile banner to blue TexDem screen. It came from my visit to Alamodome last June.

People asked if I post same photos and reviews from Yelp to Google Maps. The answer is no. Since I don't know my audience, the reviews on Google Maps are shorter. Besides, most people don't like to read long reviews on a small screen.

About the photos, I will apply the same courtesy of avoiding people's faces and license plates. I will, however, use photos from Yelp Tips on Google Maps. It's because Tips are not visible on desktop version and not readily available through general search.

Here are what I learned about Google Maps so far:

  1. Add a business - not as easily done. As soon as I edited a list, it sends out a validation to ask other Local Guides in the area. If it gets rubber stamped, it became live. Within 24 hours, that biz listing will appear on Google Maps.
  2. Review Rating - It's the same 5 star system. But the rating will stay, even if I don't write a review. Another pet peeve, I can't save a review draft.
  3. Data Usage - I don't know why it uses more data and battery than Yelp.
  4. Friend/Follow - I can't friend or follow anyone. I guess I can save  my friends' profile links and visiting them often.