Monday, August 29, 2016

Where am I on Google Map

Do you have issues with GPS location of a biz? I have an example of this dilemma.

I stayed in Hyatt Regency Houston last June. Google Map said I was at the correct address on WiFi. But when I asked for direction to my destination, it told me my current location was 2 miles away in Buffalo Bayou. Not sure if the satellite signal was weak in this crowded downtown buildings.

GPS discrepancy 
I have confirmed with a technical person at Yelp. It uses Google Map to support the map portion. If Google Map says go right, Yelp app will tell you to go right.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Time for Taiwan Restaurant Month 2016

Here is a collection of all of my Time for Taiwan experiences in 2016.

In order to appreciate Time for Taiwan Restaurant Month, I created events on Yelp in Houston and Dallas. I carefully edited out incorrect information and add what I know to post. Making it easier for Yelpers to simply click on the restaurant link and proceed to check-in or whatever they want.
This is my 2nd year promoting Time for Taiwan on Yelp. 

I didn't have enough time to recruit my Yelper friends to do the same in their cities. It's a very time consuming process and organizer made the announcement so late. They used last year's date to be the special promo day. It should be July 17, not July 11.

There are so many restaurants in Houston, but not many serve Taiwanese food. Every weekend I visit one restaurant:

7/16 - Boba Lounge - I tried Guaboa 割包 and Oden 關東煮.
7/23 - Star Snow Ice & Teriyaki - I tried tofu soup 豆花 and braised pork over rice 滷肉飯.
7/29 - Coco’s Cafe - I tried pig intestine noodles 大腸面線
8/12 - Chang’s - I tried pork rice noodles 炒米粉 and thick soup noodles 大滷麵.

I skipped 8/5 for my 2nd Annual Time for Taiwan UYE. I want to entice other restaurants to sign up for next year's Time for Taiwan Restaurant Month.

Here are some interesting outcome from my posts on Yelp. A marketing intern at Yelp Dallas reached out to me for promotion trade opportunity. She thought this was my event. Among those 267 responded with the event, Joe W of Addison wanted to be friend and he appreciated for what I did. Edwin S of Dallas posted: "To the Taiwanese Overseas Community Affairs Council: Thanks for organizing this event.  We're new to Dallas and didn't know which places served Taiwanese food.   Really appreciate it."
Interesting responses from my post in Dallas.

Furthermore, I shared my Time for Taiwan foodie experiences on Instagram. Boba Lounge | Star Snow Ice | Coco's Cafe | Chang's

I feel the contest on Facebook was a fail. There is no way my friends would be able to "like" my photo. There are over 200 replies on one single message. Even the ones who follow me, would not find me. Who has time to look through those photos? I can't even use a link to the photo.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Taiwanese Menu at Lai Lai

Here is a snapshot of the Taiwanese menu at Lai Lai Dumpling House. Since there isn't any translation nor explanation, I'd like to offer my knowledge to my guests at my Time for Taiwan UYE.

1. 三杯雞 "Three cup chicken" is seasoned with one cup sugar, one cup soy sauce, one cup sesame seed oil. (Photo)
2. 五更腸旺 "Spicy Pot" is a stewed pig intestine and pig blood cake seasoned with 5 stems: leeks, pepper, garlic, ginger and chives.
3. 蚵仔煎 "Oyster Omelet" is made of corn starch, scrambled eggs and fresh oysters. Topped with savory red sweet sauce. (Photo)
4. 螞蟻上樹 "Ants on the Tree" is a gluten-free dish. Its main ingredients are minced pork (looks like ants) and rice or bean threads (looks like tree surface). (Photo)
5. 皮蛋豆腐 "1000-year-old egg over tofu" is a cured preserved egg on top of tofu. (Photo)
6. 魚香茄子 "Sichuan Braised Eggplant" does not contain fish, but the shape looks like one. It might be a little spicy.