Thursday, June 30, 2016

Road to TexDem Convention

This is a 3-part story on how I became a delegate from Precinct level to County level. Previously, I was a Delegate at SD Convention.

I'm a delegate from SD 13 in Harris County.
The Texas Democratic Convention was a 3-day event in San Antonio, June 16-18, 2016.
Thursday was really for committees and organizers to meet during the day. I was just a novice delegate not holding any office. I arrived in San Antonio in late afternoon. The first thing on my agenda was to attend the kickoff parties. I prepaid $50 per person with intention to bring a guest to the Official Kickoff Reception at Villita Assembly Building. Guess what? I arrived late. I barely got to nibble on the variety of salsas with some chips. I consider my $100 was purely donation to the Party.
Chalkboard fun
Quite of crowd when it's free
Reception Food

The next party was hosted by Bexar County Democratic Party just across the walkway at La Villita Historic Arts Village. The music was blasting. People were dancing. Speeches were flowing. It was quite a scene. But I was starving and needed a place to sit down. I wore my real cowboy boots for the first time. Of course, no one was looking.

After my breakfast dinner at nearby McDonald's, I proceeded to the next kickoff party hosted by Stonewall Democrats at Paramour. I didn't stay long. I met a couple of candidates and took some pictures. I ended my day early to prepare for next day.

The Convention was held at Alamodome. It was an all-day affair from 8 to 5. Since I'm not a morning person, but I tried to be energized and involved. I planned to attend 3 caucus meeting, but only able to sit with Asian Caucus. There were many non-Asians who wanted to see what we do.
Enter by SD numbers to register
Registration counters
All caucus meetings finished right before the Senate District meetings 3 to 5. I was excited to meet the delegates from other precincts that we only communicate via emails. Most of elected officials who serve in Houston came to visit us, including Mayor Sylvester Turner. We spent majority of time electing numerous positions to the committees at the SD level. As well as electing the delegates to go to Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next month.
Do you ever wonder what to wear at a convention?

For those who got elected on Friday would have to attend meeting and training on Saturday. I was among everyone else to enjoy what San Antonio has to offer.

Here are my posts on Twitter: Scene from Kickoff Party; LGBT Caucus Meeting; Vendor at Exhibit Floor; Ready for Asian Caucus; Elected Officials from Houston; Hispanic Caucus meeting. And photos at Alamodome by me on Yelp.

My final blog will be a summary. But, I need to take a break for now.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Delegate at SD Convention

This is a 3-part story on how I became a delegate from Precinct level to County level.

Me at Wheatley HS during SD13 Convention
It started as a simple question, "would you like to attend the Senate District Convention?" A young lady sat at a high school table asked me as I cast my ballot during the Primary Election on March 1st. My poll location has always been at a school near my house. However, this election was a little different as certain precincts were moved to a different location for Democratic Party candidates. But the Republican candidates are voted at the same location. This change set off some angry voters. *

Days passed, I almost forgot about what I signed up for. Suddenly, I received an email invitation from Joe Jennings, Chairman for Precinct 565. I registered to attend the Senate District Convention as instructed. Then, I was patiently waited for this once-of-my-lifetime experience.

In the State of Texas, there are 31 Senate Districts. Because of the larger population in Harris County, we have 4 Senate Districts. Based on my residential address, I belong to the 13th Senate District.
SD13 Chairperson speaking to the audience

I was surprised to see a chilling effect at the SD Convention - the auditorium Phillis Wheatley High School was barely filled and the air conditioning was blasting. The organizer marked the aisles by precinct numbers. I sat far left of the room by myself. There wasn't anyone around me to socialize. Since this was my first time, I didn't know what to expect. As I walked around during recess, I only saw one other Asian person. *

I recognized Rep. Gene Wu, the Texas House Representative for District 137 (Chinatown) and listened to elevating speech by U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee for Texas's 18th Congressional District. I was approached a few times from people facilitating Resolutions (the initial steps in proposing for changes that require signatures and approved before it can be submitted to become law).
Sheila Jackson-Lee poses photo with audience

According to the rule, the amount of delegates is determined by popular votes. For SD 13, it needed 540 delegates to State Convention. Due to low attendance at the SD Convention, they couldn't conduct "election" for who would go to the State Convention. I left as I would be interested.

Few weeks later, I received an email from Texas Democratic Party as Harris County submitted my name to be a Delegate at the State Convention in San Antonio. I guess it's a good sign. I got promoted. Ha!

I have been preparing for this biggest event of my life. Here is my part 2 as I go to TexDem Convention.

* Room for improvements.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Biz at Jusgo Plaza

In a preparation for another Chinatown Crawl, I want to sort the business names in a manageable fashion. The following businesses are currently the occupants at Jusgo Plaza 百佳廣場 in Chinatown.

Businesses at Jusgo Plaza

Jusgo Plaza and Metropole Center are separated by a thin strip of cement. The roof tiles are similar. There isn't an official sign for Jusgo Plaza. Oh well.

# Business Name Formerly
9288 Mandalay Dental

9284 Thanh Noi Sandwich Shop

Jusgo Supermarket 百佳超市

Lucky Dragon 新龍圖飯店
Lai Lai Dumpling House 來來餃子館

Xin Jiang BBQ 新疆燒烤

Eastern Foot Massage 東方足浴

Olympic Chinese Bakery 世運餅家

Szechuan House 老成都


Star Snow Ice 明星冰谷


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Biz at Metropole Center

In a preparation for another Chinatown Crawl, I want to sort the business names in a manageable fashion. The following businesses are currently the occupants at Metropole Center 新都城商場 in Chinatown.
As of June 1, 2016, these are the occupants at Metropole Center.

I personally hate to read reviews at wrong businesses. Chinese characters are added for reviewer's conveniences. Last column shows formally known name from previous owner.

Current Business
9398 Chef Liu Restaurant 重慶餐館  new
Ding Ding HK Tea House 德輝茶餐廳
9390 中央飯店

Tailor 洋裁

King's Salon 黃志仁喜倫美容院

Six Ping Bakery 六品西點麵包店

Yuan Ten Restaurant 雲天燒臘麵家

ANL Express 新干线快递


Jing 5 精武 
Teadot Cafe 茶點


9346 德州空网

Businesses at the Metropole Center

Current Business
Mala Sichuan Bistro 小熊川菜

Let's Noodle! 来此烩面
Guang Dong 滿漢樓
Yummy Kitchen 北京味道 (柒伍)
Yummy Kitchen頂好小館
Pony Cuts 潘莉髮院
Oriental Bookstore 東方書局
One Dragon Restaurant 上海弄堂里
Tainan Bistro 味佳香
B10 Vietnamese Cafe
Tak Sing Hong 德信行