Wednesday, March 30, 2016

HoustonRodeo Value Wednesday

Know where you parked is important
After my HoustonRodeo visit last year, I wanted to try HoustonRodeo on a Budget, I decided to go even cheaper - Value Wednesday. The admissions are at half price for both ground and rodeo/concert every Wednesday. Kids carnival and wine garden were not affected by this change.

I have never thought there was so many people around NRG Stadium on a Wednesday afternoon. I blame it on Spring Break. I had no problem finding parking at a nearby lot. However, I paid $15 at Medical center. It's very close by and only available after 5 pm. Afterwards, I learned there were other cheaper lots a little further out.

From the moment I entered the lot, parked my car, walked to shuttle stop and to the bus taken off, it took around 45 minutes. During the afternoon commute hours, travel time was about 20 minutes on a 5 minute route. All of these are compensated from daylight savings time - I've got one extra hour of sunlight.

I had to buy admission ticket upon arriving, I didn't want to pay $1 processing fee online. Lucky me. There was a shortcut. A couple of ticket sellers came out of the box office selling ground only tickets at $5 each. They didn't carry change. Others had to wait in line to get concert tickets.

I used $5 savings to enjoy some "HoustonRodeo cuisine". It's like carnival but better. I walked around the food section but nothing jumped out at me. I picked the one had smaller line - Polonia Polish Restaurant. I had a good time taking some selfies with the hilarious petting zoo animals. Read my review on Yelp.

Line up to your bus.
To avoid traffic jam at the end of day, the leaving time was critical. I kept reminding myself to leave before the concert was over. I started to walk toward the bus shuttle pick up station at 9 pm. It was fairly organized. I found where I was going and no issues leaving the parking lot.
Don't get into the wrong line.

To sum up my experience, I'd like to start my day before 3 pm, park at a cheaper lot with free shuttle and leave by 9:30 pm.
I need to go back to OST Station.
Free Rodeo video on the buss.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Auto-Friending Feature

All of the sudden, my Yelp friend list got so big. Wait, who the #%$* and that *#@$ from my Facebook are now my Yelp friends. Then, I went checking on my settings. Oh, no, I don't like this idea.
I want this feature to be permanently un-checked.
Not everyone on my Facebook with a Yelp account is Yelp active. In fact, my Yelp friends on Facebook is more active than those Facebook friends with Yelp account in general.

I keep my Yelp friend list small is because the ease of sending invitations to my UYE's and other events. The current process is very time consuming, unless HQ changes the invitation style.

I created a step by step instruction on my blog. I guess HQ was responding to some people complained about they still having trouble to invite FB friends.

Then, I noticed the request screen has changed. Below is a capture from desktop compared to the app, The request from Facebook appeared differently.
I'm happy to get my control back.