Wednesday, October 28, 2015


First of all, I am not affiliated with Yelp and I write reviews on Yelp for fun.
Secondly, I don't ask for special treatment from businesses because I write reviews for fun.
Third, I am a hard-core Elite Yelper. I always encourage Yelpers to write reviews.
Now, let’s go to the featured presentation.
Many ideas created this UYE .
Since my ROTD (Review of the Day) on 2/11/2014, I have been a regular customer to Eatwell Bakery Cafe for my yogurt fix and remain in contact with the owner, Ziad. The more I talk to him, the more I like to feature Eatwell in my UYE choices. Ziad has a passion in promoting healthy gourmet with a Mediterranean twist. It was perfect timing to wrap up the challenge while Eatwell celebrates its anniversary in October. The UYE was named "Zoom Zoom 100 & Beyond" as a result from a Talk thread.

This UYE was dedicated to the Yelpers who participated in the 2015 Yelp Challenge. I started the cyber event as a challenge to encourage my fellow Yelpers to follow suit in creating a list of 100 reviews. While this challenge is not to look for who wrote more reviews, but it's just a fun way to track our progress.

On October 18, we were blessed with perfect picnic weather. The patio was decorated with my favorite orange color. My guests arrived gradually as I had time to greet each one and introduced Eatwell's specialties. I started with a cultural demo - making of Lihing Pineapple. Lihing is a plum-flavored powder made in Taiwan, but not sold in Taiwan. I can only find them in Hawaii. I bought a pack of Lihing powder at Aloha TexFest in September, I am happy to share the video on how to make a simple island's favorite snack.

Appetizer: I share a secret about Ziad's hot sauce - made of fruits and vegetables. It's not just a sauce for breakfast, it works on everything. He also brought us some homemade hummus and pita chips. The freshness was just incredible. See photos from the UYE here.

Desserts: I was really fond of Eatwell's dessert variety. I loved the cannoli so much and I made them to be featured as part of the check-in offer. Ziad brought us some apricot cross tarts as well. Please read Depp's review. He gave a lot of detail about where everything started.

At the end of this UYE, everyone was happy. Mike M was recognized as the top reviewer. Sorry, no prizes. But this was just a personal achievement. I want to see how this cyber event gave us at the end of 2015. I look forward to host another one next year. Would you like to join us?

Feel free to read the reviews by the guests at UYE: Zoom Zoom 100 & Beyond.
In case you missed the cultural demo, please go to How to make Lihing Pineapple on YouTube.

Monday, October 19, 2015


I drafted this blog since February. Most of UYE hosts disagreed with me on writing reviews on UYE, they rather write on the biz page. I recently noticed this new category "Unofficial Yelp Events" on biz page categories. I was so excited.  I'm happy that HQ is seeing the value of such event. This also distinguish from being Yelp Events, but wasn't hosted by CM.

There are sources on the Event Terms of Service explaining about UYE and the article explaining to biz owners. 
Rules for UYE... Ooooh...

In short, I used Q&A format to summarize the idea:
Why do you need a UYE page?
It's a good idea to leave your UYE experience outside of the official biz page. A separate UYE page allows your guests to post photos and feedback on a review. If you choose not to, just be mindful how you describe the occasion.

What exactly is UYE?
According to the Event Terms and Conditions, "members of the Elite Squad and the Yelp Community organize their own meet-ups and events."

What does Yelp say about UYE?
As an UYE organizer, I encourage you to follow the guideline from Event TOS, "you agree to (a) promote it as such, and (b) not create the impression that it is sponsored or endorsed by Yelp. All terms and conditions relating to Non-Yelp Events apply equally to UYEs".

Who can sponsor UYE?
UYE's are mostly sponsored by Elite Yelpers, but any Yelpers can organize one. Just remember, as indicated on the TOS, "UYEs are Non-Yelp Events and are not sponsored or endorsed by Yelp, even when they are promoted on the Yelp website."

Thursday, October 1, 2015

UYEs in review

A new category for UYE, only available from a computer post.
I love to plan events, especially UYE's (Unofficial Yelp events). Once I learned how to use the event feature on Yelp site, everything comes naturally.

Many Yelpers who attended UYE's often ask me, "how many UYE have you submitted?" Well... I never bother to count. But, I decided to publish it here.

Biz Page
Chinese New Year
1st Annual Asian Heritage Month
Meeting Elite Yelpers couldn’t attend Elite Events
Before / after of a lite-bite YEE (new concept)
Chinese New Year
2nd Annual Asian Heritage Month
Taiwanese Overseas Restaurant Month
Celebrating Moon Festival with Vietnamese Food Junkies Group’s meetup
Unable to measure
To celebrate achievement of Yelp 100 Challenge
To cheer on Yelper Eddie S at Ironman.