Monday, March 23, 2015

iPhone Photo Bug

Has this happened to anyone?
I'm using iPhone 4 on iOS 7.1.2. Yelp app version 9.5.0.
frustrating experience on iOS app

Photo above showing the sequence:

  1. trying to upload a photo
  2. preview turned 90 degrees
  3. posting still 90 degrees
  4. posted shown 90 degrees
  5. if I modified it from an editing app, the photo shows ok.
This issue started after I updated it on 3/17/15. I reported next day (ticket 3345385), after I uninstalled/reinstalled and restart iPhone.

I reported another bug for version 9.3.0 on 3/17/15 (ticket 3337194), "After reading an external linked web page, I got a black screen as I clicked on Back." The resolution was to uninstall and reinstall it.

On 3/19/15, I received an email from Yelp Support, "Our engineers are aware of the issue and working to fix the problem soon."

Friday, March 20, 2015

Almond Tea

It brought to my attention as my coworker had an unexplained sinus headache, while Western medicines won't help. I thought to share my Ancient Chinese secret with Almond Frost to relieve his symptoms. I found some good selections at a couple of grocery stores in SW Houston - Jusgo Supermarket and Dynasty Supermarket.

Since there isn't any properly translated wikipedia doc available, I thought to translated it myself. (Google Translator failed badly). Remember, this is not to replace anything that your doctors ordered.

Almond Paste or Almond Tea 杏仁茶 as known as "Almond Frost 杏仁霜" is a beverage made by almond. Because it's thinner than thick soup or porridge, it's called "tea."

Hong Kong edition
The teahouses and the residents in Hong Kong usually call the almond frost as the apricot frost. The reason for “the frost” is because of thickness compared to the milk's consistency. But the different company produces different powders to dissolve the almond frost or the almond dew, the ingredients and flavors are different as well.
Add 8oz hot water to 3 tbsp of almond powder, stir and enjoy

Take the Hong Kong's old brand “Bao Ma,” the Fritillaria almond frost as the example, the mark uses the traditional medical prescription handed down from ancient time’s genuine materials. The ingredients are as follows:
South almond
North almond
Powdered milk
Sichuan fritillaria

You can add to boiling water. You may also add evaporated milk. Adjust quantity of powder to your liking of thickness. Often times, teahouses or downtown food pavilions (in Hong Kong) may use the inexpensive almond powder (as seen on the photo), possible due to the cost. Therefore, you can taste different concentration level of the almond tea.

Source: &杏仁茶

Monday, March 9, 2015

HoustonRodeo on a Budget

Based on my memory from a talk thread last year, Mrs F (profile was deleted) sent me some tips on going to Houston Rodeo on a budget - park off site and take METROrail to Reliant. Instead of $20 onsite parking, this would only cost below $10 including a round-trip rail fare.

Google Map app says 25 min to go.
Last Friday, I went with my Yelper friend Samantha to watch John Legend concert at NRG Stadium. I parked at my favorite downtown spot - SAKS GARAGE. I arrived around 5. According to the parking attendant, the cost to park after 3 pm on weekdays is $5. That price included weekends, as long as you leave by 1:30 or 2 am.

The weather was pretty good - a little chilly with
a cloudless sky. I walked a few blocks to Main Street Square station, bought my one-way ticket $1.25 prior to boarding. The friendly fare inspector directed me to the right train - South Bound. So, Reliant would be the last stop.

 The METROrail passed many beautiful and interesting sights, I didn't notice the actual time spent to get there. Once the passengers got off the rail, we were herded to the entrance.

I was glad that I listened to the METRO guides by purchasing a return ticket early. There was no time to buy ticket on the way back. As I was leaving the park, the passengers were queued to the waiting area prior to board the rail. It was packed and I stood all the way until my destination. This ride was a little boring - dark outside (although I saw Meccon Fountain) and looking at passengers dozing off.
10:47-11:05 From queuing up to boarding the rail and 11:35 arrived at my original station

The Verdict:

  • Last year, I drove with a friend and parked at Yellow Lot for $20. It was a long walk to take the tram. It took us almost an hour to get out of parking lot from the moment we got on the car.
  • This year, I came by myself. $7.50 took care of my parking situation. However, you must be fit to endure the physical demand. It took me 20 minutes from the wait station to boarding METROrail and another 30 minutes from Reliant Stadium Station to Main Street Square station.