Sunday, February 8, 2015

How to UYE

In case you didn't know, UYE stands for Unofficial Yelp Events. So you want to organize an UYE. Repeat after me: 1-2-cha-cha-cha. Let me show you some of my tips on how to turn a fun meet-up to a successful UYE.

Here is how an UYE started

Elements of Unofficial Yelp Events:
  1. Get your friends together to agree on the 5 W's (When,Where,Who, How and Why). 
  2. Must have a reason or purpose - themed parties are more fun.
  3. Identify the location. If you never been there, pay a special visit and take time to see the surroundings and parking situation.
  4. Must have a confirmed date/time. Moving target is a bad idea.
  5. Post it on the Yelp Event pages, share the event to your friends and announce it on Talks.
  6. Prepare a biz page and ask the guests to check in, post photos and write a review.
  7. Inform the location management of your party plan. So they will have enough food, space and staff. Best way to describe UYE to a manager/owner is "some friends just want to meet up for a small gathering." 
  8. Be there early to setup the seats and mark the area with table tents. Find out how to pay for the tabs - divide from the total or collect them individually.
  9. Thank everyone afterwards.
It takes at least 3 committed people to form a party. Otherwise, I'll be eating by myself.

Complete Rules posted at
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sandong Noodle House Menu

It's been my pleasure to host an UYE at Sandong Noodle House. I love noodle foods 麵食. I grew up with folks from Northern China. I'm no stranger to this daily stable based around Chinese pasta.
Menu pricing 2015

It's best to get familiar with the menu prior to ordering:

  1. Roast Beef Noodle - aromatic and tons of flavors. Photo
  2. Danzai Noodle - street-vendor style with light broth Photo
  3. Simple Soup Noodle - street-vendor style with clear broth Photo
  4. Pork Ribs Noodle/Rice - fried pork chop on top of noodle in clear broth or rice Photo
  5. Chicken Steak Noodle/Rice - fried pork chop on top of noodle in clear broth or rice Photo
  6. Fish* Steak Noodle/Rice - fried fish filet on top of noodle in clear broth or rice Photo
  7. Turnip Noodle - shredded preserved turnip and pork over noodle in light broth 
  8. Mustard Noodle - shredded preserved mustard green and pork over noodle in light broth Photo
  9. Sour Mustard Noodle - similar to Mustard Noodle, but fermented mustard with hint of sourness
  10. Wonton Noodle Soup - wonton with noodles in clear broth Photo
  11. (skipped)
  12. (skipped)
  13. Sesame Paste Noodle - sesame paste with dry noodle Photo
  14. Bean Sauce Noodle - similar to JaJang (fried bean sauce) Noodle  Photo
  15. Wonton Soup - wonton without noodles in clear broth Photo
  16. Braised Pork Rice - street-vendor style minced pork over rice
  17. Beef Soup Dumpling - dumplings in roast beef broth Photo
  18. Cabbage Pork Dumpling - can be with or without beef soup Photo 
  19. Leeks Pork Dumpling - can be with or without beef soup Photo 
  20. Pan Fried Dumpling - simply potstickers with choice of cabbage and leeks Photo

* Correction: 魚排 is fish steak, not another beef soup noodle.
This is a link from my event to celebrate Chinese New Year in 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

New Biz Seeker

I've got a niche. I chose to be The New Biz Seeker - targeting businesses ready to start.

I watch them like a hawk. Constantly asking the staff for info and post tips about its opening day. Then, post a storefront photo. On the opening day, I take lots of photos with my experience and a review.

It depended on how I felt, I may go back for more and write a review with accumulated experiences. Or, I may just grab the "FTR" badge (First to Review) on the fly.

After the review, this biz page will be placed on the Yelp site as "New Business Openings" and on Yelp app as "Hot and New" (iOS) or "Hot New Business" (Android). This is very effective.

These are the businesses I boosted in my Yelp years 2012 to 2014:
  1. Frenchy’s Chicken (Sharpstown)
  2. Eastern Foot Spa (Chinatown)
  3. Party City (Northwest)
  4. Piquin Mexican Style Subs (Northwest)
  5. Dollar City (Westwood)
  6. King Dollar (Sharpstown)
  7. Pho Binh 59 South (Sharpstown)
  8. Lu Xiang Village (Chinatown)
  9. Happy’s Pizza (Sharpstown)
  10. Kc’s Seafood and Grill (Westwood)
  11. Oriental Herbs & Lulin Acupuncture (Chinatown)
  12. Bottle King Liquor (Westwood)
  13. Cobblestone Market Cafe  (Northwest)