Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review Writing Tips

  People often asked me about how to write a good review. Let me share my secret with you.

When I was in college, my classmates refused to read the weekly newsletters that I produced. So, I took few courses in journalism and basic writing. 

Most of my reviews are in the form of short feature story: opening lines, story with facts and figures. Then, closing thoughts. I often use Google to search on common words or phrases, colloquial, thesaurus. I use Microsoft Word for spell checking. My biggest pet peeve is typos. 

The simplest way to write a review to tell a story with your own experience. Take some photos to remind yourself on that experience. Write a draft first, then simplify your thoughts with fewer words per sentence. Make sure there are punctuation marks. Finally, apply your personal style.

Go ahead and give it a try.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Little Sheep Hot Pot Ads

If you are in Houston, pick up a Chinese newspaper. These ads are on section B. Coupons for Little Sheep Hot Pot restaurants.


Top - Westheimer Location
$19.99 All you can eat Summer special "7 days All You Can Eat"
coupon: $10 off on $50 purchase

  • Limit 1.5 hour to consume
  • Restaurant reserves the right to serve
  • Reservation welcomed with 8 or more people

Bottom - Bellaire Location

New item: Jumbo sized for 2 just $27.95 - select 2 meats (lamb, beef, pork, chicken, fish)
Also available for 6, 8 or 10 people specials

Special lunch Monday to Friday $9.95 includes soup per person
Starting 6/1, free ??? or "lamb in red wine" with $50 purchase

Monday, June 2, 2014

What to do with bad experiences?

My rule of thumb: 

anything less than 2 stars, it goes to the  "pending review" category. 

I have to decide if I should give it another try, contact the management/corporate, or simply walk away. I use the amount of check-in to represent how serious I want to help them to improve. 

But, I normally won't say how many stars I used in my review. And, I have very high tolerance on poor services in Houston. I'm already used to it.