Thursday, August 31, 2017

Friend or Follow

To reply my Yelper friend's question from awhile back, "Why do I see some people on my feed but they are not my friends?"

Answer: You marked to follow them. Doesn't matter if you are friends or not, anyone you follow will be showing on top of all feed, reviews and tips.

It's good to follow someone on Yelp. It's completely anonymous until November 28, 2017. After that, any new follower will be visible (updated per Yelp Blog 11/02/17). They don't know you are following them. Befriend with someone on Yelp will reveal each other's check-in messages. I don't see any harm to follow your friends. Except, the contents from people you follow will go to the top of everything.

I like extremes. Porsche posted over 17k media.

From what I know besides reviews, tips, photo post notifications, you'll receive notifications from your friends' interests in Events and posts on Talks on the feed. It's much easier to read them on the app because they presented in both groups, Friends and Following.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Time for Taiwan at Tainan Bistro

Crawlers, this is the recommended menu for #TimeForTaiwan #ChinatownCrawl event at Tainan Bistro.
Sunday, August 13, 2017

Everything on the menu is single serving, not family style dining. But feel free to share with other Crawlers.

I have carefully selected dishes for those people who is:
  • Vegetarian - steam buns and dumpling may contain eggs
  • Pescetarian - can be vegetarian contain eggs
  • Gluten intolerance or sensitivity
  • Restricted on the consumption of pork
  • Allergic to shell fish - see below, but skip fish and seafood on the name
  • Vegan - Not on the menu, but it can be prepared from the kitchen

Vegetarian and Pescetarian:
凉麵 $5.25 - Cold Noodles (dry) - tell kitchen to hold the shredded chicken
炸醬麵 $5.95 - Bean Paste with minced pork Dry Noodles - tell kitchen to hold the pork
素炒麵 $5.75 - Vegetarian Chow Mein
酥炸魚排飯 - $7.75 - Fried fish steak over rice
綜合素炒飯 $6.00 - Vegetarian fried rice
鮮蝦炒飯 $6.50 - Prawn fried rice
三鮮水餃 (15) $7.00 - Three Seafood dumplings
煎素餃子 (10) $6.50 - Fried vegetarian dumplings
三鮮鍋貼 (10) $6.50 - Three Seafood Pot Stickers
蘿蔔絲煎餃 (1) $1.30 - Shredded Daikon Pot Sticker
海鮮什锦系列 $7.95 - Seafood Combo Series (Rice noodles/Noodles/Rice Cake/Rice)
味佳香熏魚 (Half or Whole)  $11.00 / $21.00 - House Special Smoked Fish

Dumplings & Pot Stickers (3rd panel) and Noodles
Everything on these 2 menus contain wheat.

Non-Pork Dishes - plus dishes from Vegetarian and Pescetarian:
牛肉麵 $6.95 - Beef Soup Noodles
酥炸雞排飯 - $6.95 - Fried chicken steak over rice
紅燒牛肉燴飯 $7.95 - Braised beef over rice
牛肉水餃 (15) $7.00 - Beef dumplings
牛肉鍋貼 (10) $6.50 - Beef Pot Stickers
牛肉湯餃 (12) $6.75 - Beef soup dumplings

Everyone else, check out above listed dishes and below:
上海菜肉餛飩 (10) $6.50 - Shanghai style pork wonton
牛肉湯餃 (12) $6.75 - Beef soup dumplings
酥炸雞排飯 - $6.95 - Fried chicken steak over rice
炸排骨飯 - $6.95 - Fried Pork Chop over rice
麻醬麵 $5.25 - Sesame Paste Dry Noodles 
炸醬麵 $5.95 - Bean Paste with minced pork Dry Noodles 
擔擔面 $5.25 - Spicy oil minced pork noodles
台式炒米粉 $6.50 - Taiwanese style dry rice noodles
滷豬腳拌麵 $6.95 - Spiced pig feet dry noodles
鮮蝦小餛飩麵 $6.75 - Shrimp won ton soup noodles
切仔麵/米粉 $5.50 - Minced Pork Plain Noodles/Rice Noodles
肉焿 $5.75 - Pork Meatball Soup
肉焿米粉/ 麵 $5.75 - Pork Meatball Soup with Rice Noodles or Noodles
雞捲 (2) $7.00 - Tofu wrapped chicken roll