Monday, March 27, 2017

Colorful Holi Festival

I was among thousands of people to attend Holi Festival last Saturday, March 25. I enjoyed that perfect day drenched with vibrant colors and endless Bhangra music. The weather couldn't be better then a quick spring shower rinsed spring dusts away the day before the festival.
Holi powders were on sale by the entrance

Everyone was covered with color
Lots of children also take part at the festival.

Catching some shades next to a fake car

I was novice to Holi Festival. I've only seen the Holi Festival photos online. It's definitely a different feeling when I was among those friendly strangers, everyone was in good spirit.
I love that hand print on her jeans.

The festival was held at Houston Farm & Ranch, which houses Harris County Fair and many other festivals. The organizer used the huge grassy area for live performances. Tented booths from the community and food vendors lined along the edge. Children's moon walk was in the shaded area where lots of people used for picnic.
This was before I got "blessed" by those colored powder

Just about every celebrant bought gulal (Holi powder) gathered to touch with blessing motion to greet strangers in different colors. Emcee on stage asked people to throw powder in the air simultaneously to make a massive rainbow dust cloud. The scenery was indescribable.
Dinosaur is a mascot for Marsala Radio

Holi Festival is a Hindu tradition to celebrate the arrival of spring, share the joy of love and friendship.
Lots of activities outside of stage performance.
I was surprised to see this festival had no bag search. You can bring outside food in. People seemed to be well-behaving. 
You can be in any shape, size, color and spirit to enjoy.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Yelp Review Police

Back in January, I wrote my first review as the review #300 to start year 2017 right. Less than a month I noticed my review number dropped, not little bit but a lot. Then, began to add serial number on all of my reviews. Real soon, I'm going to "audit" my reviews.
I felt violated without any warning.

I have been saving my reviews since 2015. I really hate it when I spent time to write and ended up disappearing from my audience without a trace or warning.

I received an email from HQ today about a review got deleted because "did not appear to describe a firsthand customer experience" at Express Rolls. Heck, I went inside and talked to a lady who was clueless about poke but want to make me a poke. No thanks.

What could be worse? Mention a clueless employee or just brushing off?

Below was my 13th review on Express Rolls.

What a bummer. I really want to give this place a try, even when I know poke won't meet competitions. Now, I'm sad that it's gone. 

When it was still open, I shopped at H-E-B. I saw this place empty. It was so empty, it had echo in the restaurant like Grand Canyon. 

I couldn't get someone to explain to me about this name "Express Rolls". The name was not attractive and doesn't explain what they serve. Oh well. Could someone please let me know when it opens again?

I believe the owner Chase M. reported it. Since this location is closed, he can't make comments or send me an email. It doesn't break me. I just have to cautious about some viscous biz owners. Oh. I'll go to other restaurants. No big deal.

Just did a Google search, these are the only things I can find on Express Rolls: Asian eatery brings defamation suit against former employee, daughter and Express Rolls, a Houston-born chain specializing in grab-and-go sushi, summer rolls and other Asian fare.