Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Yelfie 101

I'm addicted with #Yelfie. I wrote a blog last December about Take a Yelfie. Since then, there are so many good things happening. So, let's start with how to use it.

First, you need Yelp app on iPhone or Android phone.
Second, check in at a biz. Click on the rectangle on the upper left side.
4 easy steps on Android phone.

Easy to use on iPhone as well.
Third, point at an object what is a least 5 feet away and tap on the circle button on the bottom of screen.
Fourth, take a selfie of you or something within 2 feet (flip the camera).
Fifth, edit your Yelfie with the features available. see below.

Feature on Android phone - move biz name & selfie photo
Feature on iPhone - change font on biz name & move selfie photo.
Finally, tap "check in" or the check mark. Your Yelfie will be shared to the destinations of your choice.
Yelfie shared on Facebook from iPhone & Android phone.

Yelfie shared on Twitter from iPhone (below) and Android phone.
Other Yelfies shared on Twitter.