Friday, November 27, 2015

UYE's in 2016

My Mr Magoo look
Do you like my UYE's? These Unofficial Yelp Events are uniquely designed. I welcome your feedback.

As usual, I incorporate cultural events and local businesses to interact with the guests. There is always trinkets offering at my UYE.

2016 is going to be a busy year for me. I'd like to plan my UYE far in advance. It is very time consuming to send invitations on Yelp. So, please pay attention to your friends' feeds on mobile app, Talk posts or Events page for the latest announcement.

Remember, it takes 2 to have an UYE. If no one replied "I'm in", the event is likely to be cancelled. I need your support to promote my events by your "Sounds Cool" votes.

Sun, 1/31
Celebrating Lunar New Year at Jinya Ramen on Louisiana (moved due to schedule)
Early March
Cross+Cities UYE – Dallas Edition
Similar to my Austin Edition
March to April
Chinatown Crawl UYE (Series):
  1. Welcome Center
  2. Diho Plaza
  3. H-Mart Plaza
  4. Dun Huang Plaza
  5. Viet Hoa Shopping Plaza
  6. Hong Kong City Mall

Guests get to enjoy different strip malls in Chinatown every 2 weeks. By participants’ voting to determine a lunch spot, a dessert joint and grocery store for cultural sharing. (4 hours) It’s likely to be on Wednesday or Thursday nights.

We could include karaoke at Dun Huang Plaza and foot massage at Diho Plaza.
Crosstown Magic UYE (tentative)
My idea came from this year’s Dine OUT Fight AIDS fundraising event. Pending on participation announcement from Yelp HQ and AIDS Foundation.
Asian Heritage Month UYE
3rd annual Asian Heritage Month celebration. This year will co-host with Depp to feature food from SE Asia.
Time for Taiwan UYE (tentative)
The sponsor in Taiwan liked my idea of helping them broadcast the event, but they are not certain if there will be an event in 2016. The actual restaurant eat-out event starts in July.
Cross+Cities UYE – San Antonio
Sat, 9/3
Luau on the Bayou UYE
Tag along with Aloha TexFest during the Labor Day weekend in Clear Lake Park
Early Nov
Phokloric UYE
Cross+Cities UYE - Galveston
There is a Talk thread in Dallas about a cruise UYE to invite Yelpers from everywhere in Texas.

Link to my UYE's in the past.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Desktop Updates

I noticed a new features today November 3rd. It's kind of funky.
Event page on Google Chrome Version 46.0.2490.80 m
Compared with the old version. 

I noticed these new features in October.
They removed "To Review" and "To Try". It's Nothing now.

Photo taking tips are kind of cool. But people can't see this on the phone.

I can't disable auto befriending from Facebook. I kept seeing people I don't want on my friend list.
Auto Friending is kind of embarrasing