Saturday, September 26, 2015

Moon Festival

What's is special about Sunday, September 27? This is the traditional Chinese moon festival, as well as the Total Lunar Eclipse only happens once every 2.5 years. I created an Event on Yelp just to entice and remind people of such great celestial event.

I also want to promote local grocery stores and bakeries in Chinatown. They're selling some yummy moon cakes, whether it's imported or freshly baked. You should give them a try.
Low sugar low fat variety moon cake purchased at Yin Wall City

Grocery Stores:
Welcome Food Center -
H Mart -
Viet Hoa International Foods -
Jusgo Supermarket -
Dynasty Supermarket -

Specialty Stores:
Yin Wall City (not real grocery store) -
Hong Kong Seafood City -

Kamalan Bakery -
Six Ping -
Olympic Chinese Bakery -
I-Ping Bakery -
Six Ping -
IBUN Bakery -
Mee Ho Bakery -
Six Ping -

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Aloha TexFest 2015

To tell you the truth, I lived in Houston for almost 10 years and I thought I would never see any folks from the Islands and listen to the familiar melodies.

Last week, just so happened that I was poking around on Yelp Events and found Aloha TexFest during Labor Day Weekend. Oh yeah! I'm in! Mahalo to Nina P. for the posting.

I, for one, waited 8 years for this one-and-only Aloha Festival since I heard about it. Suddenly, it disappeared from the cyberspace. According a long-time vendor, there were a few missed years due to hurricane and other emergencies.
Various vendors showcase their crafts, talents and cuisine.
The event was an eye-opener for many people who never seen live hula dancers and fire performers. For me, it was my opportunity to network with people of common interests and to get out of Houston to see Clear Lake for the first time. My impression was like, "wow, ocean!" (Not really, it was a lake close to the bay.)

I didn’t stay for the entire show due to heavy rain and long commute. From the photos and videos posted on Facebook, I could see what I missed. For the amount of energy and aloha spirit, this was the best entertainment on Earth that money can't buy.

Landolt Pavilion at Clear Lake Park is made for this festival. The location resembled the looks and feels of Hawaii. There isn't any place near Houston that has a soothing ocean breeze. I was truly amazed with this awesome experience. 

So, next year, I am going to bring more people to attend Aloha TexFest. Hana hou, y’all!